Gaining New Perspective

It has been a long time since I posted… and a very busy season for me.  Maybe you can relate? Besides all the regular family stuff, work stuff… In late spring I gained a new title, Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC). In five to six years after 4,500 hours of supervised work, I will become an Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I know it sounds daunting. But I am taking the slow route, so I can have lots of time with my own kids along the way. 

Becoming and LPC is something I have always wanted to do, but the timing never seemed right, until now.  So, this summer, as a stepping stone, I began work as in-home counselor. I can honestly say, it is the most rewarding work I have ever done. Seeing the excitement in the little faces when I come to the door is priceless.  And meeting foster and adoptive parents who have sacrificed everything for the least of these, has been life changing.

As a part time school counselor, I have spent the last fourteen years of my life seeing things from the other side. I would see grumpy argumentative kids constantly disrupting class and getting on the teacher’s last nerve. Or needy kids annoying their peers in an effort to make friends.   However, this new role, has given me new perspectives and insights into how much home life effects school performance.  And it’s not just about the parenting. It’s sibling dynamics, parent work schedules, income, unresolved past trauma, you name it.  It all comes into play and they are carrying it with them into school. While I had some idea of the impact all this made on children, my knowledge was limited and not experience based.  My new role, has allowed me to grow in empathy for these children, because I have seen first hand what their home lives are like.

Also, because of this work, I now have a clearer understanding of the children’s system of care, barriers to treatment, and the availability of community resources.

By being open to this new career path, I am a becoming a better school counselor. Not only that … but I am also becoming more passionate about my work.
I am also becoming a better mom.  You know, as parents we all have our doubts as to whether we are doing things right. But my experiences working with these families in crisis, has me encouraged that I AM acting in the best interest of my kids. The bonus is that I am learning new strategies that are working at home too.
You know, sometimes in life, I feel like, we become stagnate, and that stagnation leads to a decease in empathy for others.  When we have been doing the same thing for a period of time… It is easy for things to become a bit robotic… and unemotional.
The addition of this part time work, has ignited my fire again.  
So I challenge you, that if you are feeling a bit stagnate with your life, consider doing something new.  Get out of your comfort zone. Certainly there is a learning curve,  but it is totally worth it.