By: Christine

As an elementary school counselor, I have spent countless hours searching for games and activities to teach empathy.  Below I have complied a list, with a brief synopsis.

Online games

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Park Pals: This free website/app is created by Committee for Children. It is an evidence based program for violence prevention.  In this one person game, children pick a critter and participate in games that promote problem solving skills, respect and kindness. The recommended audience is ages 7-9.

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Cool School Game: In this fun and interactive, and free game, children maneuver through different locations in the school and help the students in the school solve problems to keep peace in the school.  I would recommend this activity for ages 5-7.

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Arthur’s About Face: This web game, based the tv show Arthur, has children listen to a problem and decide which face best fits the situation.  Children can select from five different characters. While all the faces are not always clear, the children really enjoy it. For ages 4-6.

Apps for expressing feelings

In order to understand the feelings of others it is also important for kids to understand their own feelings.  Here are some apps that help with feelings expression.

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Breathe Think Do-free (ages 4-6)

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Feel Electric-free (ages 7-10)- This free interactive app lets children keep a mood log, create a mood dude, write mood tales, and play games to promote feelings expression. 

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Daniel Tiger Grr-Ific Feelings-$ ( ages 4-7)

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Social Thinking-$ (ages 6-10)