Being Real: “It okay that all your ducks aren’t in a row”

Have you ever (like me) glanced at people’s pictures of their seemingly perfect family/selfies on social networking sites and wonder …. how is it possible ????

I mean, when I actually try to stage a picture of my kids, one is typically looking at some vehicle passing by and the other most likely has food stains on his clothing.  (Sadly, the contender for the Christmas photo this year is of the two of them on their potties; because they are both making eye contact).

And in the rare chance that I actually get time to shower, and apply make up, the pictures of myself come out looking….. uh….. sub par at best.

In addition to all of this…. My yard is a mess.  Full of weeds that have taken over since we had kids.  I get a shower every 2-3 days (because I am up all day and night and my husband works long hours)…. and I never formally exercise (because I am too tired from chasing my kids).

It seems that no matter how hard I try, I will never have all of my ducks in a row.  

But then this happened…..

My small group at church has been doing a study on authenticity. The premise being that in order to really reach people’s hearts, we need to be genuine with them.  While we have only met a few times, I am excited about the really frank discussions that will ensue.

I love the message.. It’s kind of liberating.

Just like everyone else I feel the pressure to have others think that I know what I am doing when it comes to parenting, school counseling, marriage etc….

But I never consider that my attempts to have it all together could actually be pushing people away.

So maybe it’s not so bad that I don’t can’t get it all together.  Maybe it is what makes me approachable??? And maybe that approachability makes others feel comfortable opening up to me?

So from now on…. who cares if one of my ducks falls out of line.  Maybe the person who helps me chase after them is the very person I am meant to encourage.



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