Necessary People (part 2)

This week we have been continuing our goal of recognizing the necessary people in our life.  In my last post, I discussed how I was motivated by the book “Listen, Love Repeat” to make a list of the essential people in my family’s day to day life. Our aim is to slowly go through the list we developed, and to recognize each of them.

So today we surprised our chiropractor and his assistant with some small gifts.

Dr. Sutterly and Ms. Linda have been a Godsend to us over the past few years.  I really don’t even know where to begin in my effort to thank them for their kindness, patience, and their passion for the health of my family and our community.

When you enter their office you instantly feel the warmth and serenity they have worked diligently to create. From their out of the box sign in sheets, to the plethora of toys and children’s books, to the inspirational quotes on the wall.  (One of my favorites of late is “Wellness comes from above down, inside out.”)

Dr. Sutterly’s adjustments miraculously keep me pain free and healthy despite the fact that I haven’t had good sleep in a year and half.  Ms. Linda’s parenting tips have helped me over and again.   And better yet my children love going there… It is often hard to get them to leave.

My older son, never leaves without creating a small structure to display for Ms. Linda. And my younger son, has to feed and play with Lola.

Both Dr. Sutterly and Ms. Linda have an incredible amount of patience for the moodiness of young children. (unlike most doctor’s offices.)

One of my favorite memories was when Dr. Sutterly adjusted me while I was in labor.  I stopped by his office on the way to the hospital, because he said it could help with the delivery.  After my adjustment he gave me a big hug and wished me luck.  Due to his help and the help of my midwives I was able to deliver without pain medication.  (A big improvement from my 27 hour first labor experience.)

Over the last few years I feel like Dr. Sutterly and Ms. Linda have become more and more like family.  And I think anyone who walks through their doors would probably say the same.

And in a day and age when we, like most people, don’t live near our families, this exactly what we and our community need more of.

Thank you Dr. Sutterly and Ms. Linda for opening your hearts to my family.  We are so grateful for you.


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