Necessary People


Mail Carriers. Plumbers. Cashiers. Sanitation Workers….. are all necessary people in our day to day lives, however we often forget their importance…. until there is a problem.

A few days ago our power went out in the middle of the night.  I wasn’t too concerned until 5:45am when my toddler awoke and it was still out.  Changing his diaper while holding a flashlight is an experience I wish I never have to repeat.

While I got him settled with a bowl of blueberries on a blanket with a flashlight.  (I thought that pretending we were on a picnic would be fun.), his four year old brother woke up.

So now I was faced with the task of entertaining them while waiting for daylight.  Needless to say after about 40 minutes and numerous smashed blueberries on the floor, we decided to go out for breakfast.

Miraculously, as we were getting out shoes on the lights turned on.  However since our plan had already been set, I had to follow through.

We headed down the driveway and noticed five power and electric workers congregating on the corner.  I rolled down the window to thank them and we headed out.

Now old Christine would have just went on her way.  But the new Christine has been inspired by the book Listen Love Repeat.    

My prayer group has been reading this really practical book about how to put kindness in action.  One chapter focuses on “necessary people,”  you know those people you don’t realize are there sometimes, but their role has a big impact on your day to day happiness.  

So, with this in mind we decided to quickly pick up some donuts for the men and rush home before they left.

To say my four year was excited is an understatement.  When we turned the corner of our street, he jumped out of the car carrying the box of donuts.  The men were very appreciative of course, but my son’s excitement to bless others made my day.  (I wish I had a chance to snap a photo but I was busy toting my toddler around.)

In Listen, Love, Repeat… Ehman encourages her readers to make a list of 25 “necessary people” in your life and to find simple ways to recognize them for their hard work. I drafted my list.   I have one down, now 24 to go.



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