Build A Better World

build a better world

My local library has selected “Build a Better World”  as the theme for their summer programs.  Some of the STEM focused programs they are offering include: mad scientist shows, lego clubs, and bracelet weaving.  Although it is amazing to me that they offer all of these programs free of charge to the community,  their title caused me to ponder whether STEM focused education will really build a better world?  Better in what way?  Smarter? more technologically advanced?  And at what cost?

I once heard someone say that we are raising “smarter sadder kids.”

Although, I see the value in STEM/STEAM focused programs,  I wonder if equal focus were placed on character education what kind of world we would have in the future?

In short, I think that balance is best.  If we parents and educators solely focus on the academics, and put little emphasis on empathy education, I think the future happiness of our world is in jeopardy.

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  1. Maybe schools should have some sort of class, which incorporates character development. Perhaps, have a specialized teacher at recess who makes the period more of learning development rather than all play.


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