Do you believe that children can change the world through empathy? It seems that there is so much focus today on preparing children academically for the future, and keeping them safe, that we neglect the value of teaching them empathy.

What if in some small way we could do something to combat the evil going on in the world?

I believe that if we teach children to show extraordinary kindness, we can transform our communities.  Thoughout this site, you will view various resources and life lessons to promote the development of empathy.



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Being Real: “It okay that your ducks aren’t in a row”

Have you ever (like me) glanced at people’s pictures of their seemingly perfect family/selfies on social networking sites and wonder …. how is it possible ???? I mean, when I actually try to stage a picture of my kids, one is typically looking at some vehicle passing by and the other most likely has food … Continue reading Being Real: “It okay that your ducks aren’t in a row”

Necessary People

Mail Carriers. Plumbers. Cashiers. Sanitation Workers….. are all necessary people in our day to day lives, however we often forget their importance…. until there is a problem. A few days ago our power went out in the middle of the night.  I wasn’t too concerned until 5:45am when my toddler awoke and it was still … Continue reading Necessary People

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